Hey! My name is John Hannah. I'm a senior developer at a client services company called Lullabot. As of this writing (Jan. 2018), I've been working exclusively on large React projects for about three years. I also love JavaScript.

Along with my wife Evie, who is the ever-patient editor of the content you will find here, I research and write about the JavaScript language and surrounding ecosystem.

Our Focus

At JavaScript Report, the primary focus is on helping readers with the big picture rather than tutorials. Articles tend to focus on, "why, what, and who" questions rather than on "how".

Some examples of the kinds of stories that you'll find on this site:

  • What are the frameworks I should be focusing on?
  • Why would I choose framework A vs framework B?
  • What emerging technologies should I being paying attention to?
  • What are the best trainings, books and tutorials?

By the way, if you'd like to write for us, we'd love to hear from you! We'll work with you to develop your idea and put it in front of the thousands of monthly JavaScript Report readers.

About How We Make Money

We want to be transparent about how we make money on this site. You may have noticed a few ads. That's one source of our revenue. We also act as an affiliate for a select few companies. By "select" we mean only products or services that we actually use and support without reservation. If you see a recommendation for a course or workshop, it's because we love it.

One example, we're a Udemy affiliate. We became one of their affiliates only after spending hundreds of dollars on their courses. We're Udemy fans and customers. If you have questions about any ad or affiliate links you find on our site, please let us know.