Hey! My name is John Hannah. I started JavaScript Report as a side project at the beginning of 2017. It was originally supposed to be about having a website that my colleagues and I could experiment with.

It didn't really work out that way. Instead, I ended up focusing mostly on the Twitter and Facebook accounts and that's been a lot of fun. However, I also wanted a place where I could write things longer than a social media post. So here we are.

A bit more about me...I'm a senior developer at a client services company called Lullabot. As of this writing (Nov. 2017), I've been working exclusively on large React projects for about three years. I also love JavaScript.

Yeah, some people don't love JavaScript that much, and that's OK. For me, however, JavaScript has been very liberating. It allows me to work on a huge variety of problems and within a paradigm I really enjoy, functional programming.

JavaScript certainly has its quirks, but it also has some pretty great stuff about it too. That's what this site is all about - sharing the parts of the language that can make you a happy, productive and ever-growing developer.